Solder fume extractor fan

This blog is about a solder fume extractor fan that I built recently. It came about after working on another project that involved soldering many LEDs. Due to being so slow at soldering, by the end of the evening I was feeling rather intoxicated and light headed from all the fumes. I needed a solution and this fan was it.

The extractor started life as a 24V DC Axial fan of size119mm x 119mm x 38mm.

24V DC Fan

Fan bare

I designed and laser cut a case for it out of 3mm hard board. The case forms the safety grill and also holds the carbon filter material in place.

Design for laser cutting

Fan Case

Extractor front intake with carbon filter

Fan Case front

Extractor rear outlet

Fan Case back

Now I can happily solder all day long without being poisoned.

Fan in use

Fan in use

I will leave it on the Maker Space solder station table for all to use. Enjoy!

- Tommy


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Fixing things with 3D Printers

Heres a short blog about a fix i did with a 3D printed part

I had a power supply for a cordless phone base station that got damaged


As you can see from the picture the earth pin got snapped off. It performs no earthing function as it’s just plastic, but without it the shutters on safety sockets won’t open and you can get the plug in.

Rather than spending money on a new PSU  I decide to see if I could print a replacement part…

Step 1 remove the rest of the broken plastic with a dremel to expose the metal post


Step 2 Knock up a 3D model. For this I used FreeCAD and took the dimensions off another plug



Step 3 3D print the part.



Step 4 Glue the part on to the post. For this I used superglue on the metal post but before I pushed the pin on I dipped the end in Acetone so that it would weld to the plastic body of the plug. A light sanding to clean it up when it was dry, et voila, one repaired power supply :-)



if you are interested in 3D printing and want to learn more why not come along to one of our open “3D Thursday nights. You can learn about how to operate 3D printer, how to create models using free software packages, get advice on what 3D printer to buy or even how to build your own from scratch, and best of all it’s completely free.

3D Thursday is held at Maker Space on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month and our next one is on 4th October.



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