Dorkbot Newcastle (4th July 2011)

After a but of a break we are back on the 4th of July 2011 in the LifeLab Welcome Room at the Centre for Life.

Doors open at 6:30pm and entry is free.

Alan McLean (Future directions in live coding) is going to show us how live coding has developed over the last decade to become an approach to performance well known within the computer music community, and with increasing exposure outside it. In this dork talk we will describe some of the stranger approaches to live coding, including processed beat boxing, visual languages in game worlds, visuospatial syntax, onomatopoeic identifiers and unusual approaches to time.

Alistair MacDonald and Brian Degger are going to introduce Maker Space, Newcastle’s first hackspace. They will be introducing the concept of a hackspace, giving a few examples of things they are working on, outlining the current plans, and opening to discussion of how to take things forward.

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  2. I missed the latest Dorkbot meeting but am really keen to learn more about the Newcastle Maker Space. My personal interest is in DIY electric vehicles and I may be able to contribute a few tools. Look forward to meeting you all when you next get together.
    Best regards, Malcolm

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