Maker Space’s music player/server

this is Maker Space’s hacked together music player/ server. An ongoing collaborative project

makerspaces media player

The case is an old SCSI hard drive chassis which conveniently came with built in 5v / 12v power supply.
The brain is a Raspberry Pi computer running Debian.
The server software is Logitech music server (formerly Squeezeserver) and the player software is Squeezelite.
Music is stored remotely on our NAS box.

The controls are a combination of old fruit machine and arcade buttons. Custom python code controls the buttons and lights with on/off and flashing to indicate different modes.
START plays music and if the same button is held down, “GAMBLE” sets up a random playlist.
FIRE rejects the currently played song.

The blue button sends out a Tweet to say we are open, the black toggle flips an open/closed status on our web page and the small silver toggle is an up/down volume control.

The system can also be controlled via it’s web interface or one of the many “Squeezebox” controller apps available for Android and iPhone, in order to choose music or stations, or set up a custom playlist.

The Pi has a 433khz wireless module to communicate with wireless mains modules and remotely switch the amplifier it’s hooked to, on and off.

We mostly have it playing a random mix of stuff we’ve put on the NAS, or an internet radio station in the main workshop. However anyone can get the server to send a separate stream to the Squeezebox in the front room, the “O2 Joggler” in the office (running softsqueeze) or even a private stream to their laptop to listen to on headphones. Or sync them all together for music throughout the space.

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