About Maker Space


Maker Space is a community owned and run workshop in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We’re an eclectic group of makers, creatives, programmers, scientists and engineers and we’ve set up a space to meet, work, socialize, share ideas and collaborate.

In the space we design and make cool things because we love to learn and create. Think of it as a communal garden shed full of mad inventors!

Maker Space is not a community project but is more of a friendly club. We join forces to gain access to more space, better facilities and greater resources than we could have on our own. Costs are split between us and we treat the space with the respect we would show to each other’s homes.

We welcome visitors and we’d love you to come over and pay us a visit. If you would like to drop in or would like some help on a project (or just show us the amazing thing you’ve made) then please get in touch. We’d love you to come along and get involved!