3D Thursday is back

Tonight sees the return of our twice monthly 3D thursday evening. This is an open event where anyone can come along to see and learn about 3D printing.

Below is the email Cay sent to our discussion group, for those of you who haven’t seen it:

Hey People, 
It is 3D Thursday this week, the first in the new Maker_Space! 
Quite a lot has happened in the world of Additive Manufacture in the last month – lots to chat about. 
We are excitedly looking forward to the arrival of the Extruder this month and I am thinking of holding a *scrap heap challenge* day one weekend soon to build something that could grind up scavenged/salvaged ABS from electronic goods. Who would be up for that? A team effort? 
I’ve been working on a Large Format Additive Manufacture (LFAM) machine for the space – I’ll bring details of it along on Thursday and hopefully get some feedback from you guys before I order the metal. 
What have you guys been up to? I know we have a couple more people with printing capacity in the region. What have you been making? 
See you of Thursday (6 – 9ish) at the new space. 



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