COVID-19 Update

Dear Members, Makers and Friends,

Following the Government’s latest advice (23/3/2020), we are now obliged to close the space until further notice. (The advice is here: )

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The government’s advice suggests we might be breaking the law to remain open (in spirit if not in letter).
  2. We have a duty to each other to reduce the spread of this disease, and as the incidence of it continues to increase in our area, we must make sure we don’t make this problem worse by allowing it to spread between each other.
  3. Commercial Union House has also been obliged to close, so in practice, we would also have to close regardless.

We know how important our community is to each other, as a source of friends, ideas, and conversation – while the physical space is closed (and alas, we can’t access our tools etc), it’s important that we have a way to keep in contact if we want to.

We’re working on this right now (likely to be based on If this interests you, keep an eye out on the NE Makers discussion list.


The Maker Space Board

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