3D Thursdays

Everyone’s talking about 3D printing. What is it, what can it do, how can I design and print something myself. Where can I get a 3D printer ?

 We aim to answer these questions and more on 3D Thursdays, which take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.

Public are welcome to come along and of course we will still be open for members who want to use the space for other projects.

Please note, 3D Thursday exists to teach people about 3D printing and how they can do it for themselves. MakerSpace is not a 3D print shop. If you turn up simply wanting us to print your design it is very unlikely we can accommodate you.

We can however help you design something so that it will 3D print correctly, taking into account overhangs, print orientation and structural support. We can show you to export your design and then slice it for 3D printing and finally how to operate a 3D printer so you print it yourself.  So if you want to learn about 3D Design, 3D printing or even how to build your own 3D printer please come along.

Getting to a design to the point it can be printed can take more than one session and then that design may take a few hours to print, which will need to be booked in advance on our printers. So If all you want is something printed, we would recommend going to professional 3D print house such as Shapeways who will be able to accommodate you much faster.

 Of course If you become a member of MakerSpace then you don’t need to wait for 3D Thursday to roll around. You can come in and make use of the Space’s printers on any member’s night.

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