How to etch metal

Maker Space member David Pye has been having far too much fun. Today he has been playing with electrochemical etching of stainless steel thanks to an article in Make magazine.

20140709_152157      Sugar Tin

How to do it

  1. Use the laser cutter to cut a stencil.  Ironically, I used a paper ‘do not hack’ sticker and cut the word ‘MakerSpace’ out of it.
  2. Stick the stencil on the metal you want to etch.
  3. Using a bench power supply, connect the +ve to the metal work piece.
  4. Connect negative to the tip of a cotton bud soaked in a vinegar/salt solution.
  5. You need about 12-14 volts or so.  Gently move the cotton bud along the stencil – might be worth a little experimentation to get the length of time/voltage setting right to get the level of etching you want.

Bingo 🙂

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