3D Thursdays

“3D Thursday” happens on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month and was originally started by Cay who unfortunatley (for us) is off to Loughborough university soon to do a degree. We wish her well and hope to see her back in the future. She’s been an active core member since the earliest days and a great asset to Maker Space. We’ll certainly miss her

Stepping ably in to Cay’s 3D “shoes” (could we print some shoes i wonder ?) is Will who will be hosting from now on with help from our other 3D printing fans John, Colin and Jay

3D Thursday is a chance to focus on all things to do with 3D design and additive manufacturing, plus attendant technologies such as filament extruding and plastic recycling.

Sometimes these evenings take the form of a specifc event, such as learning how to use a 3D design package or setting up the printer for the first time to print something you’ve already designed or downloaded. Sometimes they are just Maker work sessions concentrating on (but not limited to) 3D printing related projects.

To give a flavour of a general work session here’s what went on at last night’s 3D Thursday:

  • Colin and Will were trying to get our recently finished “Prusa” 3D printer set up.
  • Glen was designing an adapter (to be 3D printed) to charge a different sized battery in his external phone battery charger.
  • Jon was working on his metal framed “Prusa Air” printer.
  • Chris was 3D printing a “Raspberry Pi” case.
  • Alistair was trying to get Linux working on a very old Pentium II ruggedised computer. (it’s not all 3D printing! Thursday is also a general members work night).

If this sort of thing appeals to you, why not get involved ?
Or come along and check us out on one of our “Welcome Wednesday” visitor’s nights.





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