Chinese Hackspaces – a talk by Victoria Bradbury


At Welcome Wednesday (20th February 2013) Victoria Bradbury give a wonderful informal talk about her experience with Chinese Hack spaces and the people she meet while there.

The Maker Space was packed with Alistair being relegated to sitting on the floor 🙂

Victoria talked warmly about the various makers she met while in China and what they were making. She also discussed the various problems the Chinese hack spaces had during their creation, running and sometimes demise.

Her experiences mirrored what many makers know, that when it comes to ideas and innovation people no matter where they are, want to learn, want to improve, want to share and want to socialise with others.

We also welcomed a number of visitors at Welcome Wednesday night, who stayed for the Victoria’s talk and remained after spending time taking with a number of our members.

Finally we must thank Victoria and her husband for visiting us and giving us a great talk and we hope we’ll see them again soon.

by Tony Dixon

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