Maker Mondays!

Jim's Dice print

Maker Monday, our night open for members has been running extremely successfully for about six weeks now. We’ve been filling the room with members working on projects. I’m quite pleased, I was worried I’d be on my own in here! now i’m just bitter that no-one seems up for me playing cheesy 80s rock at ear blistering volume…

So to continue the updates of what we’ve been getting up to…

Tonight at Maker Monday!

Alistair was testing the timer display he was building for the Centre for Life.

Tony was modifying RPi cases and getting Pi bits ready for E-day

Iain was getting his Arduino talk for E-day ready and playing with NFC tags.

John was designing the circuit for a battery charger.

Jay, Dave and Richard was doing some maintenance and replacing the heater head of his Reprap.

Jim was using the Makerbot to print out a base 25 dice.

Ed and Alistair modified the website. You may have noticed…

See you next week!

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