Radio at Maker Space – Repeater GB7XY

GB7XY is a DMR digital voice repeater connected to the BrandMeister network.

  • Call Sign: GB7XY
  • Location: Newcastle/Gateshead (IO94EX) [coverage map]
  • Mode: DMR
  • Band: 70CM (DVU34)
  • Output Frequency: 439.4250 MHz
  • Input Frequency: 430.4250 MHz
  • Offset: -9.000 MHz
  • Colour Code: 10

The repeater uses a Motorola DR3000 and is managed by Maker Space members.

For 2m VHF operation please see GB7MS.

Time Slot 1 – Static Talk Groups

Time slot 1 is configured for local and maker conversation with the following talk groups activated enabling folk to set radios in promiscuous mode and capture any ongoing QSOs.

  • TG 23561 – North North East (Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and County Durham), Linked to GB7XX, GB7YI, GB7TY and GB7CZ
  • TG 23564 – North East Makers, A talk group mainly used for “maker” discussion / social conversation.

Time Slot 2 – Dynamic Talk Groups

It would be appreciated if dynamic talkgroups are keyed up in here so as not to block local calls in timeslot 1.

Use any BrandMeister talk group here by simply “keying up” the group and that group will be routed through the repeater for 5 minutes.

Talk Groups to try: …

  • TG 2350 – UK Calling (and short QSOs)
  • TG 2351 – UK Chat 1 (Use for longer QSOs with BrandMeister users)
  • TG 2352 – UK Chat 2 (Use for longer QSOs with BrandMeister users)
  • TG 2353 – UK Chat 3 (Use for longer QSOs with Phoenix users)
  • TG 2355 – Scotland
  • TG 2356 – Wales
  • TG 23520 – North West
  • TG 23522 – Edinburgh Hacklab (our maker friends in Edinburgh)
  • TG 23526 – Hubnet (a popular UK repeater network)
  • TG 23528 – UK Hackspace, The same as TG 23564 (North East Makers) but national
  • TG 23560 – North East (often including Humberside and Middlesbrough operators)
  • TG 23558 – Scotland Highland & Islands

Calling TG 4000 will disconnect any dynamically selected talk groups that have been connected.

If you want to key up a talk group and just listen then that’s fine on this time slot though do announce yourself so you stay within your license conditions. (also remember different repeaters have different policies so do check if you go elsewhere).

Other Stuff

Parrot (Echo Test) calls can be made on either time slot by placing a private call to 9990.

Private calls are okay, but remember they are not really private and you should still announce your callsign. If you can limit private calls to getting someone’s attention then QSY (move) to a talk group such as the maker group 23564 it would be appreciated by other users.

If you hear any bad behaviour or unlicensed usage don’t engage with the perpetrators please contact the radio team at Maker Space with the details and we will follow it up.

As with all maker activities be considerate and polite to others, even if they do not return the courtesy. Our number one request for users of GB7XY… Please be nice to each other.