Radio at Maker Space

Maker Space is a community owned and run workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne (see our about page).

The Maker Space Radio group is an informal subset of members whose maker interest extends to radio technology including: broadcast, license free “ISM”, radio control (mostly FPV quad) and amateur radio.

The current group grew out of a combination of members using ISM modules in maker projects and supporting/experimenting with local LoRa Wan networks before expanding to include Amateur Radio. It probably worth highlighting that things like remote invigilation of amateur exams initiated by lockdown have made amateur frequencies far more accessible to the maker community.

Recent activities include:

  • Amateur Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) including repeater construction/operation.
  • Amateur Packet (including APRS)
  • LoRa / LoRaWAN
  • Amateur paging (POCSAG)
  • Home control and other ISM based tech including Zigbee/433MHz controllers
  • Software Defined Radio (mostly dongles, innovative boards and cool stuff such as gnu radio)
  • Radio Sonde (weather balloon) tracking

In the Amateur (Ham) Radio sphere we operate the Brandmeister linked DMR repeaters GB7MS (2m) and GB7XY (70cm) covering the centre of Newcastle and Gateshead (see the GB7XY and GB7MS pages for more info).

Makerspace members generally use the informal talk group 23564 so if you have an amateur license and want to know more feel free to drop in and say hello.