Radio at Maker Space

Maker Space is a community owned and run workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne. You can find out more on our about page. The Maker Space Radio group is an informal subset of the members who share a mutual interest in all things radio technology, including broadcast, license free “ISM”, radio control quads(inc FPV) and amateur radio.

Because we’re makers at heart we’re still just as interested in craft, workshop and technical stuff and mixing radio with those makes it all more interesting. Expect a bias towards digital transmission, radio related software and higher frequency bands though hacked up SDRs for HF are cool too. 

Some of our current projects/technology interests include:

  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
  • Amateur Packet (including APRS)
  • LoRa / LoRaWAN
  • Amateur paging (POCSAG)
  • Home control and other ISM based tech including Zigbee/433MHz controllers
  • Software Defined Radio (particularly using dongles, innovative boards and cool stuff such as gnu radio)

We operate two DMR amateur radio repeaters GB7MS (2m) and GB7XY (70cm) which cover Newcastle city centre and can be linked worldwide through the BrandMeister amateur network. These are available for any licensed amateur to use and Makerspace members can often be found using talk group 23564 (particularly on welcome Wednesdays). More snippets can be found on the repeater pages GB7XY and GB7MS.

Are we a radio club? well… perhaps not in the traditional sense because we focus on radio related hardware and software more than operating so wouldn’t be much help with serious contesting or DXpeditions. That said a number of us have recently been through the amateur exams and can share knowledge to help you through, though bear in mind we don’t run any formal courses1 such as might be found through the RSGB web site.

1 Currently there is no requirement for formal instruction, but if foundation practical assessments re-appear then we’ll attempt to provide this.