Radio at EMF Camp – LoRaWAN – Things Network

The ISM (license free) LoRa Gateway we deploy at the biannual EMF Camp

  • Network : The Things Network
  • Location: EMF Camp – Eastnor Castle (IO82TA)
  • Mode: Lora
  • Band: 868 MHz ISM
  • Output Frequency: 868 MHz
  • Output Power: -10 dbW (100mW)
  • Input Frequency: 868 MHz

The gateway is connected to the things network LoRa WAN

About LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN builds on the low power LoRa modulation demonstrated by the MB7ULG gateway to provide 8 simultaneous channels in the 868 MHz ISM band which is typically used by low power IOT sensors. Or gateway passes data to The Things Network which is responsible for collecting data from / sending data to gateways and providing endpoints for applications to access received/transmitted data.